Institutional Support

FOMO Institutional Program offers solutions for global Institutional investors and Liquidity Providers.

Institutions are also able to build enterprise-grade applications with focus on DeFi and Tokenisation.

Liquidity Providers can earn unmatched rewards in the program.

Fast TTF & Low Fees

Due to a Time-to-Finality of only 0.95 Seconds, FOMO Network is one of the fastest blockchain networks in the world.


FOMO Network opens the doors for Institutions to explore their full potential with multi-asset support and compatibility with IBC Protocol.

Enterprise Security

FOMO Network offers Institutional Security with the highest standards trusted by leading global organisations around the world.


What can we offer Institutions?

•  Unmatched support to build large-scale Enterprise Applications

•  Access to first-grade digital asset technology and leading Partners

•  Global financial partners, trading firms and market making

•  FOMO Institutional offers the highest rewards and tailor made incentive program

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