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Embark on a journey through a growing ecosystem, where education and innovation is at the forefront of our mission.

Join the fastest growing community and shape the future direction of FOMO Network, in this dynamically growing project.


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Built on Cosmos SDK to provide interoperability between most existing chains and evm support via WASM.

Aims to decentralize social media, scale storage-heavy applications and aid adoption to billions of users.

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Growing Ecosystem

We have built a number of tools for our fast growing community.

Irrespective of investors knowledge levels, users will find themselves at home within our ecosystem.

Important Utilities:


Development Schedule

FOMO is Born
October 2023
  • Forming the Community
  • Website Release
  • Beta Free Trading Alerts

Utility Testing
November 2023
  • Public Release: Trading Alerts
  • Beta Trading Algorithm
  • Further Community Expansion
  • Spy Bot Testing
Utility Rollout
December 2023
  • Premium Alerts Rollout
  • FOMO Spy Bot Release
  • FOMO Ai Bot Release
  • NFT Collection Launched
  • NFT Mint Complete
Ecosystem Expansion
January 2024
  • Accelerated Community Growth
  • Trading Algorithm Improvements
Testing for Rollout
February 2024
  • Alpha Testing FOMO Trading Bot
  • Ecosystem Audits
  • Alpha Testing FOMO Poker
Initial Adoption
April 2024
  • FOMO Chain Testnet
  • Token Presale
  • Public Trading
  • FOMO Trading Bot
  • TV Commercials Production
  • FOMO Poker Release
Expanding Adoption
May 2024
  • TV Commercials Release
  • FOMO Swap
  • Chain Hackathon
  • FOMO Daily Release
  • Social Network Beta
  • Onboarding Influencers
Ecosystem Complete
June 2024
  • Social Network Release
  • Live Event Sponsorships
  • Onboarding Partners
  • More TV Commercials
  • Major Marketing Campaign
  • New Roadmap Released


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